“Desiring to know God with a whole heart and a willing mind.” 1 Corinthians 28:9

Our purpose is to honor God by providing quality care and facilitating growth in the lives of young children in a loving and safe environment, where they can develop spiritually as they grow emotionally, physically, cognitively, and socially.

Our center is unique in our approach to teaching children. Preschool is a special beginning to a lifetime of learning. We believe that this is a critical age to lay the foundation and structure for future academic success. Our goal is to foster learning and allow our students to develop socially in an age-appropriate environment.

At His Kids Childcare, childhood is embraced, curiosity is valued, children are cherished, and learning is an adventure. Each child is recognized as one of God’s unique creations. At our school, children gain a sense of comfort and belonging because they are nurtured and loved by a highly experienced and caring staff.